ART – Discover the Latest Online Threats

Register to join us on Wednesday, Nov 30, at 1:00 Pacific to hear the latest from the LPL team.

Cybercriminals are constantly working on hacking into your systems, and by extension, they threaten all our livelihoods. That’s why LPL developed a team of in-house experts to work with us and keep us informed and vigilant.

Join the Advisors Round Table Cybersecurity event featuring Alex Russell, SVP and Chief Information Security Officer of LPL Financial, Michael Terry, and Joe Hill, both Sr. Analyst for the Advisor Information Security Team at LPL Financial.

This event is open only to members of www.AdvisorsRoundTable.INFO, a private networking group of LPL Financial Advisors managed by Ralph (and others) on LinkedIn.

Please register to join us on Wednesday, Nov 30, at 1:00 Pacific.

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