This group is designed to help individual advisors improve their practice efficiencies, profitability, and customer service experience through idea sharing on any issues related to running an independent office of LPL Financial. It is managed by advisors, for advisors and their staff. Membership in the group will be restricted to financial advisors whose LinkedIn profile page is compliant with regulations as interpreted by LPL Financial.

Advisors’ staffs are allowed unrestricted participation, as long as their supervising advisor accepts responsibility for their involvement.

A few guidelines:

  • Use the group to share best practices, suggestions for improvements to technology or procedures, or anything that can be adopted by others to improve profitability or service.
  • Do not use discussions to promote your services or job openings. please use the “Jobs” tabs.
  • Everyone is entitled to promote their own opinions on a discussion. We only ask that the discussions remain civil … please help us monitor the tone by flagging inappropriate comments.
  • Help others by responding to discussions with constructive comments.
  • All members are free to start a new discussion. If there’s something you’d like to learn, use the search tool to scroll through recent discussions and if your questions aren’t addressed, start a new “discussion”.

A limited number of home office staff are part of this group, but will not comment or reply. They may post emergency notifications, if necessary. If you are affiliated with the Home Office and would like to join this group, please email the Client Insights team mailbox at feedback@lplfinancial.com.

Group Rules

Members of this group must be:

1. Active financial advisors with LPL Financial; or

2. Active staff of an active LPL Financial advisor; or

3. Currently employed by LPL Financial itself, AND

4. Must disclose their relationship to LPL Financial on their LinkedIn profile.

If a member of this group ceases to meet the membership criterion, he/she should leave the group, immediately.

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